Curry Cooking Classes

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Indian Cooking Classes

Enroll in our distinctive curry classes and acquire the skills to cook your favourite Indian dishes.

Cooking with Abz

You've seen us go viral on TikTok with the 'Cooking with Abz' series, and now's your chance to cook with the main man himself. Introducing Exclusive Cooking Classes with Abz at Cardamom Lounge.

Our Indian cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to learn and master the art of cooking traditional Indian dishes. These classes are designed to cater to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook.

Indian cuisines are renowned for its rich and diverse flavours, and with the guidance of Abz, you will be able to recreate these dishes at home and impress your family and friends. By taking Indian cooking classes, you will not only develop new skills but also expand your culinary horizons and discover new tastes and sensations.

£95.00 Per Person - Limited Availability 

👥 Class size: 5 people max
⏰ Class duration: 90 mins
👔 Don't forget to bring your own apron!

Master the Art of

Blending Indian Spices

Our cooking classes offer a unique opportunity for aspiring cooks to learn and master the art of blending Indian spices. Through our classes, you will gain a deep understanding of the vast range of spices and herbs used in Indian cooking, as well as their correct usage and blending techniques.

With the guidance from Abz, you will develop the skills to create authentic and delicious Indian dishes at home. By enrolling in our cooking classes, aspiring cooks will unlock the secrets to spice blending and elevate their culinary skills to new heights.


Nations Favourites

Chapatis and Curries

Making chapatis is an essential aspect of Indian cuisine, and our cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to learn and master the art of creating these versatile flatbreads. Our classes are designed for beginners and experienced cooks alike, and with the guidance from Abz, you will learn the techniques to knead, roll, and cook chapatis to perfection.

You will also discover the importance of using the right ingredients and equipment, as well as tips and tricks to create soft and flavourful chapatis every time. By enrolling in our Indian cooking classes with Abz, you will gain a fundamental understanding of Indian cuisines and develop the skills to create delicious and authentic dishes at home.